Keep in touch after the end of the world.

delivery pigeon

Pigeons Get Delivered

Our specially bred carrier pigeons are delivered directly to your apocalypse hideout

Train Your Pigeons

Follow our foolproof instructions to train your carrier pigeons for active service

Pigeons Get Delivering

Once your pigeons are trained they can start delivering and returning your messages

What is this apocalypse you speak of, and what does it have to do with carrier pigeons?

It's probably going to be fine. But are you willing to bet your entire future on "probably?" It's also possible that the technology we rely on to communicate could shut down entirely, or become our worst enemy. Don't count on technology to keep in touch with your loved ones in the unknown future. Don't wait until panic buying ensues. Get your post-apocalyptic messaging products today!

Other Post-Apocalyptic Messaging Products

Due to popular demand we have added more messaging options to suit every apocalypse survivor.

message in a bottle photo

Message in a Bottle

Let the currents carry your message. Recommended for coastal dwellers.

Swiss Alpenhorn in use


Send your messages at the speed of sound. Recommended for mountain regions.

Warning beacon pyre

Beacon Pyres

Send a message that's impossible to ignore. Call for aid from friends far away.

smoke signal flare

Smoke Signal kit

Send your messages on the wind. Signal interpretation manual included.

pigeon speaking

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